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5 Coconut Sugar Substitute Ideas for People With Diabetes

5 Coconut Sugar Substitute Ideas for People With Diabetes

Did you realize that 68% of processed goods in supermarkets include extra sugar?

This figure must concern all, yet notably those with diabetes who are seeking to maintain their glucose levels in check. There are several options, some of which

5 Coconut Sugar Substitute Ideas for People With Diabetes

can be produced out in your yard, if you're looking for a sugar substitute to soothe your sweet tooth while controlling your diabetes. This lets you have your cake and have it too without fretting about increasing your blood glucose levels.

Bare in mind as you go through these five ideas that certain sugar alternatives are superior for baking and some may taste delicious in coffee. Clearly, it's vital to give heed towards how your body reacts to them in order to pick one that is best beneficial for you. Always seek counsel from a health doctor, including a doctor or registered dietitian, prior to changing things to your diet or insulin treatment.


While stevia sweetener packets are available to buy, the plant also grows wild, as well as some sites make collecting and preparing your own look simple. The stevia plant has been a source of benefit for the native population. Also, research suggests that stevia also might help people who have diabetes by regulating blood glucose levels and promoting the insulin release following meals.

Coconut Palm Sugar:

Coconut is a popular item that is conquering the natural foods and beauty product sectors. It's also not strange as, per the research, inserting a straw into a young coconut offers you a tasty, high-electrolyte delight as well as some

preliminary studies indicating it could even help reduce blood pressure. Coconut palm sugar, which may be used as a sugar replacement for coconut, has a low gi, however the studies show that as it has the identical calorie count and carbohydrates as regular sugar, you still should handle as such.


The great thing about this sugar alcohol that grows naturally in plants is that it has a relatively low cal or sugar content but tastes quite comparable to it. It comes in powdered and granular forms, according to how you're craving. Note that the reality that sugar alcohols aren't fully digested by the body creates them beneficial for diabetes. As sugar alcohols can lead to bloating, cramping, or diarrhea, this could not be the best choice for someone who has a queasy stomach.


People with diabetes must use advantame when baking as it keeps its flavor also when warmed. There isn't much required as it's 20,000 times sweeter than regular sugar.

Yacon Syrup:

The yacon is a root vegetable that mimics a sweet potato but is even more nutrient-dense. They can be made into a syrup that includes fructooligosaccharides, a kind of non-digestible starch, giving this even safer for diabetes. Lower insulin sensitivity and rising insulin sensitivity may also be benefits.

While it is critical to monitor how much sugar you eat, it is not possible to fully forgo sweets. Pick one of these sugar alternatives to enjoy delicious food while managing your diabetes.

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