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12 Weird Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

12 Weird Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

Making a new buddy is similar to finding a stunning beauty product. It's like finding the holy grail to discover a solution that can treat almost every beauty concern. That holy grail is coconut oil, which is all-natural and accessible almost at every grocery store within a two-mile radius of where you are right now. What's the proof? These 12 unique methods to use coconut oil for beauty:

Oil pulling:

It's time to get on the oil-pulling bandwagon if you haven't read about it. It may

help to cleanse your body, cure headaches, lighten teeth, and much more if you stir coconut oil around and in your mouth for twenty minutes each day, especially in the morning while brushing your teeth.

Getting Softer Cuticles:

Apply coconut oil to your fingertips twice daily, particularly if you regularly clean your hands or if your cuticles just need a little TLC.

Dry-end treatment:

To give your hair's damaged, dry ends a major hydration boost, add a tiny little bit of coconut oil.


Coconut oil is a great basis for homemade body scrubs. Apply the mixture after blending it with powdered sugar for incredibly perfect skin.

Sniffles of Relief:

Rub a little coconut oil inside your nostrils for relief if you suffer from a stuffy nose or allergies.

Lip moisturizer:

Apply coconut oil to your lips before bedtime for moisture that tastes good all night.

Makeup Removal:

Use a dab of coconut oil to remove any remaining mascara. To keep from getting it in your eyes, just be cautious.

Prevention of Razor Burn:

To avoid irritation, rub coconut oil on your skin prior to shaving. An added benefit is that switching to shaving foam makes washing your razor easier.

Wrinkle Prevention:

To avoid wrinkles and under-eye circles, rub little coconut oil around your eyes.

Acne Treatment:

Coconut oil can be applied to blemishes and left on for about 15 minutes. Rinse it off with hot water after that, and refrain from using any other treatments to dry your skin. Acne will be cured by the oil's antibacterial properties.

Increasing Hair Growth:

To encourage cell growth, apply coconut oil to any areas of your body where your hair is scanty, especially your eyebrows.

Sunburn Relief:

To soothe your skin after overexposure to the sun, apply the oil.

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