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11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Bamboo Rice

11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Bamboo Rice

Bamboo is a grass, and its flower buds reflect those of other grasses such as rice and wheat. Bamboo seeds are also identical in size and form to rice paddy seeds. These are the seedlings of bamboo rice. It is identical to any other rice cultivars, but bamboo rice, or Mulayari as it is identified, has just been found to be highly nutritious.

The nutrition is mainly due to the amount of time needed for the plant to yield inflorescence. When cooked, the rice becomes slightly chewy, which is researched to offer the finest nourishment for both kids and adults. Ayurveda, for

Wayanad Sanctuary in Kerala

instance, uses bamboo juice to treat asthma, and sneezes and purifies the internal organs. 

If you go to Wayanad Sanctuary in Kerala, you will be seeing young children and women from the tribal groups who reside there gathering rice from underneath each bamboo grove you cross through. They will sweep the area around the grove for this intent, and some will disperse a washcloth all around the grove and let the bamboo rice lie on it.

Bamboo rice is a small forest product in these regions, with indigenous tribes given collection privileges. This Mulayarisi or moongil arisi serves as both the tribal groups' primary source of income and their main source of nutrients.

Bamboo rice is gluten-free and, once cooked, is wet, sticky, and chewy. It is the primary food source for native tribes all through India, and it includes so much more nutrition than wheat and rice.

The 11 amazing health benefits of bamboo rice will be discussed in this article.

Improves Fertility:

amazing health benefits of bamboo rice

The Kani tribes of Kanyakumari have carried out extensive studies on the health advantages of bamboo rice. According to the study, rice consumption benefits the tribe's reproductive capacity and fertility.

Reduces rheumatic and joint pain:

As bamboo rice is high in calcium, it aims at promoting bone density and relieves joint, arthritis, rheumatism, and spine pain.

Diabetes monitoring:

Since rice has a lower glycemic index, diabetes can be managed. It's also packed with phosphorus and iron, which maintain your heart healthy and regulate cardiac enlargement.

Reduces Cholesterol:

Bamboo seeds are low in fat. The carbs present also gradually lift the blood sugar level, which assists in the decrease of lipid accumulation. Due to the low gi, it is also possible to break down fat stores.

High phosphorus material:

Bamboo seeds typically contain 218 mg% phosphorus, which is a laudable quantity for any rice.

Phosphorus is essential for:

  • Bone and tooth forming.
  • It also helps determine how the body processes carbs and fats, enabling it to keep more protein for progress, upkeep, and fix of vital tissues and organs.

Enhances mood:

Bamboo-derived items have innumerable barrier properties, such as impacts on neurological disorders. Brown rice, which is made from bamboo seeds, has mood-regulating qualities. It stimulates the release of two significant neurotransmissions, dopamine and serotonin which enhance mindset and cognitive activity.

Avoids vitamin deficiency:

Bamboo rice is high in Vitamin b, notably B6. This vitamin is required for red blood cell production, nerve conduction, and children's cognition.Vitamin B6

Avoids vitamin deficiency

deficit in both adults and kids can lead to iron deficiency anaemia, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, and brain impairments. Due to the presence of vitamin B6, bamboo rice consumption may help avoid the above-said situations.

Protein-rich foods:

The existence of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins, in bamboo rice may assist in the prevention of this lack of nutrition and similar symptoms such as fatty liver, poor development and growth of skin, hair, and nail illnesses, and swelling.

Improves gut health:

Fibre behaves as a fuel for the intestines and fosters gut health. It aims at promoting the movement of materials in the digestive tract and plumps the stool, which both advantage the gut flora.

Keeps your teeth healthy:

Bamboo rice is high in vitamin B6. This important vitamin may help shield teeth from bacterial rotting or collapse and inhibit tooth decay or cavities.

Cough treatment:

Bamboo rice includes sufficient phosphorus to help ease breathing problems such as annoying coughs and sore throats.

Bamboo Rice Be Given to Kids

Can Bamboo Rice Be Given to Kids?

The health benefits are numerous and it has been found to be an excellent supplement for kids, due to its high nutrient content. Rice benefits kids in the following ways.

  • As it is packed with carbohydrates, vitamin supplements, and mineral deposits, it provides the kid with energy.
  • It detoxifies the major organs and enhances the features of every organ.
  • It helps to stimulate hunger and soothes digestive problems.
  • It obviates pain and prevents the onset of bone disease.
  • It aids in the growth and stabilising of muscles and bones.
  • It tends to promote tooth development and dental hygiene.

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