Red rice adhirasam/khajjaya


  1. Red rice- 1 cup
  2. Sesame seeds/til
  3. Poppy seeds/khuskhus
  4. Jaggery-¾ cup
  5. Water-¼ cup
  6. Cardamom powder
  7. Pepper (crushed)
  8. Oil / ghee for deep frying


For dough preparation:

  1. Soak rice for 4 hours then grind.
  2. Dry roast poppy seeds and sesame seeds till aromatic.
  3. Melt jaggery with water.
  4. Add rice when consistency is reached. Also, add the other roasted elements.
  5. Grease with ghee and keep the mixture for 12 hours.

Athirasa frying recipe:

  1. Pat and flatten a small dough to form a slightly thick disk.
  2. Peel the athirasa gently, without breaking apart.
  3. Now deep fry both sides in medium hot oil or ghee.
  4. Finally, enjoy athirasa/adhirasam.