When a customer makes a purchase in B&B Organics, 1% of their order money goes to the below activities. Our aim is not only providing high quality agriculture products to customers but also saving agriculture for our future generations.

Awareness campaign

We aim at reaping long term benefits of the efforts we put in today and that’s why alongside educating the consumers we also educate our farmers and younger generations about sustainable crop growing methods. For instance, we are actively working to create awareness not to dig bore-wells, so that the groundwater table and trees aren’t affected. We plan on visiting 50 farmer unions and schools this year for the same.

Nest for sparrows

As a socially conscious organization we are fully aware of the dire conditions of sparrows in and around our cities. Sparrows are very important for agriculture because it eats the insects which comes over the agriculture plants. Earlier our houses were designed such that sparrows could build their nests there but these days the design doesn’t allow that. Hence, they are losing their habitat and dying. In order to overcome it, in 2019 we are going to keep 500 wooden boxes in suburban areas as a nest for sparrows. In the upcoming years we are going to increase the numbers steadily.

Planting native trees

Native trees are very important to bring rainfall and also a nest and food for native birds and animals. However, native trees are almost extinct. Hence, we planned to plant 2000 native trees this year.

There are a lot of things that need to be made better for a better future and we, as a company, aim to work for the change we’d like to see in our society.