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  • Natural Rock Salt - Normal Quality
  • Natural Rock Salt - Normal Quality
  • Natural Rock Salt - Normal Quality
  • Natural Rock Salt - Normal Quality
  • Natural Rock Salt - Normal Quality
  • Natural Rock Salt - Normal Quality

Natural Rock Salt - Normal Quality

Rock salt is recognized as "Nutrient Halite" since it is the solution of known concentration levels of essential mineral deposits. If used as an exfoliant, it removes dead skin cells and bacteria on the foot.

Alternative Names:

Kal Uppu | UnBleached Rock Salt

Languages Names:

கல் உப்பு(Tamil ), కల్లు ఉప్పు (Telugu), പാറ ഉപ്പ് (Malayalam), ಕಲ್ಲುಪ್ಪು(Kannada), सेंधा नमक (Hindi)

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About Natural Rock Salt - Normal Quality

Rock Salt is formed once salt water from a sea or pond vanishes and tends to leave underneath colourful crystals of chloride. It also includes essential minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Salt has been used since prehistory and is the main ingredient in all food products. Aside from cooking, it is used in body scrubs, tubs, refreshments, and a range of other products. Chloride is required for the production of gastric acid, and chloride ions help in the uptake and nutrients around the body once they've been decomposed all through the digestive process.

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Nutrition Facts (Per 100g)

Calories (Kcal) 15
Carbohydrates (g) 3.69
Sodium (mg) 2
Fat (g) 0.02
Fibre (g) 1.2

Natural Rock Salt - Normal Quality Benefits

  • Rock salt is a fantastic natural remedy for digestion problems like incontinence, acid reflux, constipation, stomach problems, and so on. Rock salt contains vitamins and minerals that assist digestion, encourage bowels, and assist in the degradation of hazardous materials from the intestinal wall.
  • Rock salt spurs your metabolism, which works to help it operate better. Mineral and water uptake are assisted by rock salt. Also, it enables the preservation of electrolyte balance while stopping venous pressure variations.
  • Rock salt contains a high amount of vitamin K, which serves to support your bone fragments and increase your body’s immune system. It also strengthens the body's bone health, which works to avoid a range of illnesses and diseases.
  • Rock salt is high in potassium, which assists in regulating blood pressure. According to research, rock salt tends to protect heart rate in validation.
  • A tiny quantity of rock salt in soup or a shower in hot water with salt can alleviate stress and stimulate your nervous system. It has a relaxing effect and loosens both your mind and body.

Frequently Asked Questions

The nutrition values per 100gms of Rock Salt Calories- 15 Kcal, Fat- 0.02 g, Sodium- 2 mg, Fibre- 1.2 g, and Carbohydrates- 3.69 g.

Rock salt has been around for ancient times, long once techniques such as handling and synthetic conserving could be created. It adds to muscular and brain development and growth. This almost quickly regenerates electrolytes in the body. It can moisturise and stabilise fluid balance in the body.

Rock salt, which we commonly eat, is a processed food result comprising preservatives and iodine. It is found naturally by evaporating the water from ocean waters, seas, or seawater ponds. This salt seems to be mostly unrefined and in its original state. Both salts have comparable nutritious value and sodium levels, and yet rock salt is a better option and it is perfectly natural.

Our organic, unwaxed sea salt retains the normal colours and flavours of your nutrition over extended periods of time. For years, your maintains and pickles will hold their natural elements without even being infiltrated. A most notable gain of buying B&B's Rock salt is the substantial price distinction when compared to other competitors. B&B Organics Rock Salt Price is Rs. 133 per kg.


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