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  • Diabetic friendly Combo

Diabetic friendly Combo

Our combo contains Low GI and gluten free items that are simple to prepare, can be ingested each day, and are liked by the entire family.
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About Diabetic friendly Combo

Our combo is ideal for everyday meals. It includes soup and rice, which helps to provide the body with wholesome nutrition. It is also diabetic-friendly, so customers get a double treat. The products in this combo are high in fibre and nutrients. We strive to provide only the best for our customers, so we consult with nutritionists and dieticians before selecting all of these products for diabetic -friendly combo.

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Diabetic friendly Combo Benefits

  • Jamun seeds can aid in the decrease of blood glucose levels. Moving on, Jamun seeds are full of fibre and can assist with the digestive process. A healthy gut system can help enhance the body’s immune system and decrease diabetes risks and side effects.
  • Black rice helps to prevent blood sugar surges. Because of its high fibre content, it helps you feel complete and lessens your desire to snack.
  • Barnyard millet has a low carbohydrate content that is gently absorbable, making it a low gi food. Patients with cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes may benefit from it. In today's world, this millet is among the best foods for diabetics.
  • Horse gram seeds can lower blood sugar after a meal by decelerating absorption of carbohydrates and decreasing insulin sensitivity by blocking a negative regulator of the leptin and insulin signalling pathways. This allows it a particularly diabetic-friendly meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jamun Seeds Soup Mix, Black Rice, Barnyard Millet Vermicelli, and Horse Gram are available in diabetic friendly combos.

Adhering to your healthy-eating initiative is the most effective way of controlling your blood sugar levels and protecting diabetes problems. A diabetes diet has additional benefits aside from diabetes care. A diabetes diet that includes plenty of millets, veggies, and fibre is capable of lowering your risk of heart disease as well as certain forms of cancer.


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