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  • Red Chilli Powder - 100% Natural and Pure

Red Chilli Powder - 100% Natural and Pure

Chilli Powder is made by milling dried chilies. It has a burning hot flavour with a bit of spice that reinforces the flavour. Red chilies are a good source of Vitamin c, which enhances the body’s immune system and aids in the management of different diseases.

Alternative Names:

Sigapu Milagai | Milagai Thool

Languages Names:

மிளகாய் தூள்(Tamil), కారం పొడి(Telugu), മുളകുപൊടി (Malayalam), ಮೆಣಸಿನ ಪುಡಿ (Kannada) ,मिर्च पाउडर (Hindi)

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About Red Chilli Powder - 100% Natural and Pure

Chilli Powder contains the active ingredient compound called 'Capsaicin,' which greatly reduces the inflammatory response in the musculature and lesser joints. They as well serve as a great painkiller and increase the rate of the liver and muscles. Red chilies comprise capsaicin, which also aids in the efflux of stomach acid and encourages the digestive process by trying to prevent bloating and gas creation. Red chilies lead to weight loss by reducing triacylglycerols, cholesterol, and eroding fibrin. They also enhance haemoglobin efficiency and increase blood circulation.

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Nutrition Facts (Per 100g)

Energy (Kcal) 281.6
Total Fat (g) 14.4
Saturated Fat (g) 2.6
Protein (g) 13.3
Carbs (g) 48.2
Dietary Fibre (g) 34.8
Sugar (g) 7
Sodium (mg) 2852.8
Potassium (mg) 1963.6

Red Chilli Powder - 100% Natural and Pure Benefits

  • Chilli powder ensures greater gastric acid exudation, aids in digestion, and relieves digestive problems and gas. It helps to keep the tummy, digestive system, and intestines healthy by trying to remove dangerous bacteria.
  • Chilli powder's antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics are evident in secretions from the nasal cavity, providing aid from overcrowding. It is also useful for the treatment of sinus problems.
  • Obesity is a major health problem that leads to certain other severe diseases like heart disease, and its pervasiveness is increasing steadily. Capsaicin, a mystical chemical found in chilli powder, is a great boon for everyone looking to lose weight rapidly. Capsaicin tends to increase fat loss and reduces hunger. It boosts metabolism and represses appetite, which both help with losing weight.
  • Chilli powder is a good source of iron. Increased iron levels raise venous haemoglobin production, which enhances blood flow. An adequate concentration of oxygen and plasma in the brain could indeed enhance cognitive abilities and decrease the risk of abnormalities like Alzheimer's disease. Also, it facilitates successful comprehension, issue, argument, judgement, and other mental functions.
  • Chilli powder is a good source Of Vitamin c, which somewhat enhances our protection but also retains and generates connective tissue, a nutrient vital for nurturing our skin and hair. It is also a good Source of vitamin A, which serves to maintain moisturization and wholesomeness.

Frequently Asked Questions

The nutrition contents of Chilli powder per 100gms of Calories- 281.6, Total Fat- 14.4 g, Saturated Fat- 2.6 g, Sodium- 2852.8 mg, Potassium- 1963.6 mg, Total Carbohydrates- 48.2 g, Dietary Fibre- 34.8 g, Sugar- 7 g, and Protein- 13.3 g.

Obesity is an increasingly common problem that leads to other persistent diseases like heart disease, and its incidence is increasing steadily. Capsaicin, a fantastical chemical found in chilli powder, is a real boon for everyone wanting to lose weight rapidly. Capsaicin enhances fat loss and reduces hunger. It boosts metabolism and stifles food cravings, of both which aid in fat loss.

Potassium is abundant in red chilli powder. Potassium helps to relax capillaries and serves to maintain heart rate.

If you want to maintain health, chilli powder is a need in your diet. To just get the most of this seasoning, try and buy greater chilli powder, like that discovered at B&B Organics. Our chilli powder price is Rs. 80 per 100g.


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