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  • B&B Organics Bamboo Rice & Black Gram - Porridge Mix

B&B Organics Bamboo Rice & Black Gram - Porridge Mix

Bamboo rice and black gram porridge are made purely by dousing it for a few mins and then heating it with coconut milk. We can add sugar or salt to our liking. However, it tends to work well with both.

Alternative Names:

Moongil Arisi ulundu kanji

Languages Names:

மூங்கில் அரிசி & உளுந்து கஞ்சி - (Tamil)

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About B&B Organics Bamboo Rice & Black Gram - Porridge Mix

Bamboo rice contains more protein than rice and wheat. Due to the increased protein content, normal use might help to manage knee pain, backache, and muscle aches. It has the ability to decrease levels of cholesterol. Bamboo rice is the source of vitamin B6. Our porridge, made with all the key nutrients from bamboo rice and black gram, encourages gut health and gives immediate energy.

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B&B Organics Bamboo Rice & Black Gram - Porridge Mix Benefits

  • Our porridge mix has a high concentration of linoleic, a powerful antioxidant. Since PCOS can end up causing glucose intolerance and raise the risk of diabetes, snacking bamboo rice can actually boost ovulation features in women with PCOS and delay the occurrence of diabetes.
  • Chronic diseases such as rheumatoid are mainly associated with inflammation. It is an issue that impacts the bones and muscles. Bamboo includes a variety of bioactive components, such as flavones, alkaloids, and polysaccharides, which all have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. This could assist in the decrease of cytokine production and the control of joint, rheumatic diseases, and back problems.
  • Fibre functions as energy for the intestines and fosters healthy digestion. It helps promote the movement of materials in the intestines and plumps the bowels, which both advantage the gut flora.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ingredients used in Bamboo rice and black gram porridge mix are Bamboo rice, barnyard millet, garlic, pepper, cumin, salt, fenugreek seeds, and black gram.

Bamboo rice and black gram porridge is a prevalent traditional dish in Kerala's Wayanad area. The porridge is deep and flavoursome, with various health benefits.


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