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  • 5000 BC - Wooden Capital Alphabets Letters, Wooden Learning Educational Puzzle Board for Kids

5000 BC - Wooden Capital Alphabets Letters, Wooden Learning Educational Puzzle Board for Kids

Kid’s favourite: This wooden ABC puzzle board is presented to you and is beautifully coloured with lovely pictures that aid young children in learning the letters and colours.

Develops a Variety of Skills: It encourages hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving abilities while aiding with cerebral growth.

Completely safe: The puzzle is safe for newborns and causes no harm because it is constructed of a combination of wood and non-toxic paint.

Suggested age: It is the perfect gift for children to help them begin learning the alphabet at the suggested age of two.

Parent's Ideal Option: You as a parent could grow weary of the annoying, loud toys. It's convenient to have an alphabet toy that is both educational and creative.

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