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  • 5000 BC - Handcrafted channapatna Wooden Doll Whistles Key Chain - Indian Desi Keychains

5000 BC - Handcrafted channapatna Wooden Doll Whistles Key Chain - Indian Desi Keychains

Design: Famous Indian craft producers provide handcrafted wooden colorful doll whistle keychains in the style of the Desi.

Art: The fact that wooden doll keychains are carved makes them a superb example of art.

Using natural components: Woodworkers create color on wood spontaneously. This doll keychain set is manufactured with nontoxic organic paint and is environmentally friendly.

Used as a Home elegance: As a decoration at the residence of our cherished clients. Wooden keychains and toys will also come to represent beauty.

Best presents for a special occasion: A lovely decorative object that you can offer to kids and adults as a birthday present, Holiday gift, celebration gift, etc.

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