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Eco-friendly wooden toys for kids are made from natural wood and certified for safety.
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3 products

3 products

  • 5000 BC - High Speed Wooden Animal Printed Yo-Yo Spinner Toys

    Engaging kids: The yo-yo is a basic toy that keeps the kids happily playing for long periods of time. Ideal for both children and grown-ups. Subject...

    Regular price Rs. 93.00
    Sale price Rs. 93.00 Regular price
  • 5000 BC - Handcrafted channapatna Wooden Ball Rattle - Indian Desi Keychains

    Pay Attention: Wooden rattles for babies help to stimulate kids, attract their attention to the sound source, and help them do so gradually. Baby's development: Rattles...

    Regular price Rs. 114.00
    Sale price Rs. 114.00 Regular price
  • 5000 BC- Wooden Numbers and Shapes, Wooden Learning Educational Puzzle Board for Kids

    Children's fav: All children love the wooden educational toys with colourful rings that teach numbers and shapes. Early education: As they improve their motor skills, children...

    Regular price Rs. 289.00
    Sale price Rs. 289.00 Regular price