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B&B Organics offers a kid-friendly pasta that transforms into a complete meal. Enjoy the health benefits of millets in the form of pasta. Our pasta is appropriate for people of all ages. It is a traditional major crop all through India. Amaze your guests with this delicious and nutritious pasta, a grain food that really is ideal for cooking.

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  • Healthy Multi Millet Pasta

    Multi millet pasta is high in protein. Because of the presence of dietary fibre, it is easy to swallow. Our Multi millet pasta is suitable for...

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  • Healthy Little Millet Pasta

    Millet has many huge benefits, along with high fibre content and an excellent reference of minerals and vitamins. It can also be an amazing gluten-free option...

    Regular price ₹463.50
    Sale price ₹463.50 Regular price
  • Healthy Kodo Millet Pasta

    Kodo millet pasta offers healthy meal fulfilment. Kodo Millet pasta could be devoured on a regular basis by individuals of all ages. Millets are considered a...

    Regular price ₹445.50
    Sale price ₹445.50 Regular price