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Millets/Rice/Wheat are used to make our Flours. More than 20 different types of flour are available for purchase on our website.

Because flour is powdered cereal grain, it contains the majority of the benefits of that grain. It is the most adaptable method of including a grain or a combination of grains in our diet.

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  • Organic Finger Millet Flour (Kelvaragu Flour)

    Finger millet is strongly recommended for nursing mothers since it enhances milk yield. It is used to render nutrient-dense porridge that really is digestible and excellent...

    Regular price Rs. 83.00
    Sale price Rs. 83.00 Regular price
  • Organic Foxtail Millet Flour

    Foxtail Millet Flour is a rich source of nutrients, comprising a high amount of protein, mineral deposits, soluble fibre, phytonutrients, and vitamin supplements. Buy Finger Millet...

    Regular price Rs. 107.00
    Sale price Rs. 107.00 Regular price
  • Organic Little Millet Flour

    This Little Millet Flour is made by milling Little Millet Rice in a mill. We take care not to eliminate the bran during this process, likely...

    Regular price Rs. 130.00
    Sale price Rs. 130.00 Regular price
  • Black Rice Flour (KARUPPU KAVUNI Rice)

    Karuppu Kavuni rice is a unique and also very old wide range of rice that has been grown in ancient times in India. It is primarily...

    Regular price Rs. 168.00
    Sale price Rs. 168.00 Regular price
  • Kodo Millet Flour (Kodra/Koden Atta) Save upto Rs.35

    Kodo Millet flour is used to make Rotis, Neer Dosas, and Idlis. It is easily prepared and served with a variety of Indian curries. It is...

    Regular price Rs. 113.00
    Sale price Rs. 113.00 Regular price
  • Green Jackfruit Flour - For Cooking/Baking, Superfood For Weight Loss (Panruti)

    Jackfruit, also known as India's superfood, has multiple health benefits. It has the potential to raise immunity even while reducing blood glucose levels. B&B Organics sells...

    Regular price Rs. 292.00
    Sale price Rs. 292.00 Regular price
  • Healthy Brown Top Millet Flour (Hari Kangni Atta, Korale/ಕೊರಲೆ Hittu)

    Browntop millet flour is often used in staple food preparedness in just a few parts of Karnataka. Browntop millet seems to have a crude protein fibre...

    Regular price Rs. 144.00
    Sale price Rs. 144.00 Regular price
  • High Fiber White Sorghum Flour

    Sorghum flour is beige in colour and has a gentle, gloopy surface, but still, it mixes well but when merged with the other flours. It also...

    Regular price Rs. 85.00
    Sale price Rs. 85.00 Regular price
  • Mappillai Samba Rice Flour

    Our Rice flour is washed and finely ground using traditional techniques to optimise nutrient benefits. Substitute white rice flour with Mappillai Samba Rice flour to offer...

    Regular price Rs. 59.00
    Sale price Rs. 59.00 Regular price
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    Barnyard Millet Flour - Natural Grains Flour

    Sustainably grown barnyard millet flour is easily digested and includes all of the vitamin supplements, mineral deposits, and antioxidants found in whole grains. Alternative Names: Kuthiraivali...

    Regular price Rs. 131.00
    Sale price Rs. 131.00 Regular price
  • Red Sorghum Flour (Cholam | Red Cholam | Sivappu solam | Jowar | Jola | Jonna)

    Red Sorghum flour is used as a good healthy alternative for maida when baking bread, biscuits, pancakes, and pasta. It could be used as a mixer...

    Regular price Rs. 104.00
    Sale price Rs. 104.00 Regular price
  • Naturally Pearl Millet Flour (Bajra Flour & Sajjalu) - Rich in Nutrients & Fibre

    Fibre is a vital vitamin for the body, so pearl-based nutrition is your perfect companion to the digestive process. Alternative Names: Kambu maavu | Bajra maavu...

    Regular price Rs. 84.00
    Sale price Rs. 84.00 Regular price