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  • B&B Organics Original Nannari Sharbat Syrup - With (Sugarcane Jaggery Powder, Nannari Roots & VetiVer)

    This nannari sharbat comes with the perfect fusion of Sugarcane jaggery and nannari roots to give you the best taste. It refreshes your body, makes digestion...

    Regular price ₹427.50
    Sale price ₹427.50 Regular price
  • B&B Organics White Horse Gram (Kulthi | Kollu | Vulavalu)

    Horse gram is sedative and antiseptic in essence. These characteristics assist in maintaining the body warm and comfortable and also trying to address other health issues....

    Regular price ₹495.00
    Sale price ₹495.00 Regular price
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    Chak Hao - "Manipur (Origin)"

    B&B Organics Chak hao rice excerpts can be a part of the anti phytonutrients and a helpful component for nutritional supplements or fully functioning food stuff,...

    Regular price ₹1,242.00
    Sale price ₹1,242.00 Regular price