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  • 6 reviews

    Karuppu Kavuni Rice (Black Rice) - Richest in Antioxidants

    Black rice, also known as Emperor's rice, was thought to have been consumed by ancient Chinese. This forbidden rice is higher in phytonutrients. It is high...

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  • 7 reviews

    Mappillai Samba – Bride Groom (Parboiled)

    Mapillai Samba rice, also known as bridegroom rice or red rice, is primarily grown in Tamil Nadu. It grows well in clay soils and earthy smell...

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  • 4 reviews

    Traditional Kattuyanam Rice (Parboiled)

    Kattuyanam Rice is a popular rice variety in Tamil Nadu, India. It is an organic red rice variety that is unpolished and helps to improve heart...

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  • 7 reviews

    Karunkuruvai Rice (Traditional)

    Karunkuruvai rice is a popular rice variety from the kuruvai family. It usually grows during the kuruvai period. This crop is harvested from June to July....

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